The Armenian Heritage Centre is a cultural facility of Valence Romans Agglo

Why sponsor The Armenian Heritage Centre?

Valence Romans Agglo is looking for sponsors to support the projects undertaken by The Armenian Heritage Centre which reopens its doors in September 2018.

By providing sponsorship in terms of money, in kind or thanks to the skills you can provide, you can take part in the major projects led by The Armenian Heritage Centre: temporary exhibitions, cultural season, research, educational action, accessibility programme for people with disabilities etc.

By supporting The Armenian Heritage Centre, you will be providing assistance to an establishment which is beloved by the public, a vector for humanistic values and which seeks to promote civic values. You would become actors in History and its transmission by displaying your desire to reinvent the tools via which knowledge is disseminated.

Supporting The Armenian Heritage Centre also means that you gain a certain number of benefits.

For businesses

What you receive in return

Increased public visibility for your business: sponsors are mentioned on the project’s communication documents, on the website etc.
An opportunity to highlight your company’s corporate culture via visits which are organised for employees.
To find out more about the projects you can support, contact us: +33475801300

For private individuals

Your name will be added to the annual list of donors which can be viewed on this website.