• le Cpa - Centre du Patrimoine Arménien
The Armenian Heritage Centre is a cultural facility of Valence Romans Agglo

Creation of The Armenian Heritage Centre

Architecture evoking exile

  • The Armenian Heritage Centre is located in Valence’s former law faculty, on the doorstep of the district where Armenian refugees from the former Ottoman Empire came to live. In 2004, the Brunel-Tézier agency drew up the architectural project, alongside a scientific and technical committee.

  • The architects sought to conserve the envelope of the building, adding a concrete entrance area. The idea of a boat, of a journey, provided the guidelines for the interior space. Wide bay windows were a means of underlining that this facility was very much open to the city.

  • To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Armenian Heritage Centre, the elected representatives of the Agglomeration Community decided to expand the facility. A working group monitored the execution of the project on which the creation of new facilities and areas was based. The quality of the reception provided to the public as well as the development of mediation for young people and development of research activities are the main themes around which this project was built.

Facade extérieur