The Armenian Heritage Centre is a cultural facility of Valence Romans Agglo


Migrations, Borders, Memories

In February 2018, The Armenian Heritage Centre obtained the nation Ethnopôle label on the theme of “Migrations, Borders, Memories”.

The aim is to look investigate the dynamics of past and present migratory movements, whether they are imposed or chosen, temporary or permanent, from villages to cities, over national borders, all the way up to migration on an intercontinental scale.

The “Ethnopôle” label was created by the Ministry of Culture and it seeks to highlight cultural institutions which operate a policy of excellence in ethnological research, information and cultural action based around an original theme which is of national interest.

The "Migrations, Borders and Memories” Ethnopôle is the 10th to receive this label in France.


Philippe Hanus, Ethnopôle and Networks coordinator :