The Armenian Heritage Centre is a cultural facility of Valence Romans Agglo

The Armenian Heritage Centre is a Valence Romans Agglo cultural facility. Throughout the year, this singular place hosts exhibitions, meetings and encounters which offer a different perspective on our world.

What is The Armenian Heritage Centre?

Taking Armenian history as a starting point, The Armenian Heritage Centre focuses more widely on the history of peoples and cultures. It uses territorial history as a means of addressing the society of today which surrounds us and investigating it in the context of the past. First and foremost, it aims to be place for citizens which is open to the 21st century and which seeks to cater for a variety of audiences.

Its objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the history of the Armenian diaspora by placing it into the context of other, more contemporary migrations
  • To combat discrimination and, as part of this, to teach and help people to live as a community
  • To interpret current international affairs in relation to popular memory and contemporary conflicts
  • To contribute to developing research and disseminating knowledge

Armenian Heritage Centre events

The Armenian Heritage Centre’s cultural season adopts a cross-disciplinary approach to promote better understanding of the world we live in today. History, geography, ethnology, geopolitics, contemporary photography, etc will take centre stage in our programme of events.

Our summer programme gives pride of place to musical and festive events.

Explore the history of the Armenian Heritage Centre

Founded in 2005 by Valence City Council and transferred to the local Agglomeration Community, The Armenian Heritage Centre has undergone major work allowing it to reopen in September 2018 featuring new facilities and areas.

Explore the history of this institution which is at the crossroads between human and social sciences...


Come and visit us

The permanent exhibition at The Armenian Heritage Centre seeks to follow in the footsteps of Valence’s inhabitants with Armenian origins. In parallel, every year, a number of temporary exhibitions punctuate our cultural programme.