The Armenian Heritage Centre is a cultural facility of Valence Romans Agglo

From prejudice to racism

The major exhibition from Paris’ Musée de l'Homme (Museum of Man) is presented in Valence from 15 September 2018 to 24 March 2019

What is racism? Why and how does it manifest itself, both now and in the past?

The Us and Others. From prejudice to racism exhibition tries to decipher the complex mechanisms behind this social phenomenon. Through a dialogue between history, biology and social sciences, the exhibition explores the processes of exclusion and hatred of others and encourages us to confront our own prejudices in order to then deconstruct them. How do stereotypes appear? Do races really exist from a genetic point of view? Why have certain states ended up institutionalising racism? These are the questions this exhibition sets out to answer, using films, pictures from the archives and scientific spotlights, all of which incites us to rethink our relationship with otherness.

French language exhibition.